Erik Dillard: The ARTivist

Erik Dillard: The ARTivist

Erik Dillard: The ARTivistErik Dillard: The ARTivistErik Dillard: The ARTivist

 Erik Dillard uses education through entertainment to encourage empathy.

About “E”


A Versatile Entertainer

Erik Dillard is an American actor, producer, writer, singer and motivational speaker. He is the founder of Kelicolsa Entertainment and Productions, Inc in 1998. Since its inception, Erik has released several independent records in the United States and collaborated with United Kingdom music producers Andy Holderz and Richard Earnshaw. 

In 2005 Erik travelled to Japan and taught music for the next eight years. Upon returning, he relocated to Atlanta, GA. Here was featured in various productions; “Good Hair”, “Quarter Life”, “Hot Property”. He moved on to producing and co-producing his own works with “The Dingalogues”, “Silent Sanctuary” and his newly acclaimed production “F.E.M.“ (For Every Man). 

The success of “F.E.M.” Erik hopes to continue creating art that reveals as well as heals. “F.E.M.” has unleashed a new power in Erik where he is now most known for playing an array of characters, giving audiences a very Tracey Ullman, John Leguizamo experience. 

Branching out into fashion is establishing Erik in the Atlanta scene as a trendsetter with his daring and illustrious androg style. Erik hopes to continue being a voice of the times through every mode of retro-futurisric expression.

“Welcome To Suspectra” Episode 1 (Reservation For Two)

In this short Sci-Fi-Thriller, we are taken on a journey to an alternative time where discrimination and prejudice are reversed. Tyler and Carla are newlyweds celebrating their 1-Year-Anniversary at a critically acclaimed restaurant downtown. Moments after securing their reservation, their blissful night takes a dark turn that will change them forever.


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